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Buy Once And Buy Right

Posted by wayne on February 18, 2014 at 11:50 AM

One of my favorite buying quotes: "The better to way economize is to buy once and buy right". It goes on to say, "buying cheap merchandise to save money is like trying to stop a clock to save time". I think the majority of people can understand and relate to this quote, but we may have different interpretations for the cheap merchandise part. For some, cheap merchandise means getting good quality for less. And other people may see cheap as bad workmanship with horrible materials for less, which in the end, costs more.  My old boss always told me that you can't make a better product with poor quality materials. Now grant it many companies tried cheaper labor with good quality to be able to sell more at a cheaper retail price. While other formulas include cheaper labor combined with cheaper materials. And that may work for a while but eventually the building falls.

Anyway I'll make the effort to keep this in the context of this site. Vacuums and friends. most of us don't start out with the most expensive cleaner. we start with a little kick around vac, and after a few trips to the department store, and finally after wasting time and money, we decide to invest in a top of the line cleaner. Top of the line, meaning designed well and built to last; not price.  Now there are some expensive poorly designed machines and some moderately price but well designed machines out there. The trick is know what to prepare for. After all, we want a cleaner to do a great job and stand the test of time. So here are a few things to consider.


  • If you plan on using a cheap vacuum (by choice) be prepared to vacuum more than normal in order to get half the job done. And prepare your budget to replace them often. But if you go this route do it on purpose not because you just don't know the damages involved. carpeting, furnishing, air quality, time and money. 
  • If  you are going to spend a large sum on a vacuum you should either be intimately familiar with the unit or test before you buy it.
  • If you are planning on buying the Kirbys and the Rainbows of the vacuum world, then be prepared for the learning curve and the discipline need to properly operate and maintain these units.
  • With water units be prepared to empty the water bin after every use. Make sure that you are comfortable pulling a canister around. Try it first.
  • For Kirby type users and other machines that require disconnecting in order to uses the multiple units. Be prepared to learn the basic operations or frustration will be a constant companion. There're not a lot of things worst in the consumer world than spending a large sum on an item and not being able to use it.
  • What ever you do, (if you're financing an expensive) please, no 30-36 month plans. You'll lose motivation after 18 payments. Then you'll down right hate the machine and the person who sold it to you. 

The unfortunate truth about products made today, is that most of them are purposely made with a limited shelf life. some made to discourage repair and we as end-users are getting use to this trend.

Stay tuned for what to look for when selecting a vacuum or shampooer.



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