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PROTEAM BACK PACK Aviation 103024


• When clean air in a controlled environment is critical, the LineVacer offers benefits never found before in the cleaning
industry. Our industrial HEPA/ULPA vacuum is ideal for medical facilities, clean rooms, computer labs or highly sensitive
areas with delicate equipment. It also excels at asbestos and lead paint abatement.
• True HEPA/ULPA Filtration®
- HEPA: 99.97% at 0.3 microns at 2283 sq. in. filtration area
- ULPA: 99.999+% at 0.12 microns at 3232 sq. in. filtration area.
• Power: 859 W
• Weight: 12 lbs.
• Filtration: Four Level Filtration
• Micro Filter: 698 sq. in.
• Airflow: 124 CFM
• Static lift: 75 in.
• Amps: 7.5 A
• Includes: a 1 1/2” static-dissipating vacuum hose, two Intercept
Micro Filters™, and either a 50’ extension cord for backpack
models or a 15’ hard-wired power cord for cart models


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