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Sirena "harness the power of Nature"


Unique, stylish and effective. The heart of the Sirena Cleaning System is a 1200w dual speed Italian-made motor. Sirena System features state-of-the-art water filtration technology coupled with a washable HEPA filter. The system includes all accessories (Fragrance pack and Ocean Breeze Deodorizer are optional and need to be purchased separately).

Premium Power

Trigger activated handle with flat to floor feature and height adjustment for various carpet types.

 High quality 6 ft electric hose for use with Premium Power Nozzle.

Great tool for dusting shelves, lampshades, curtains and much more.

Designed for those hard to reach places such as between cushions and along baseboards

Engineered to clean fabrics, and designed for maximum airflow, this tool will work wonders on sofa, chairs and more. Especially effective on pet hair.

Designed to inflate air mattresses, air toys and more. This tool is also very good for blowing dust out of hard to reach areas.

Glide over a variety of floor surfaces such as tile, ceramic and hardwood. Also great for “dusting” walls and ceilings.

Wand will extend for stand up use, and can be compressed for conveneince on stairs.

comes with a 10 yr Warranty

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